Image Gallery

I know, I know, there's a million image galleries that can be added to your site. But none of them really seem to do what I want to do. Admittedly, my desires are a little weird ;)


Here's what I want out of an image gallery:

  1. A fast and easy way to share photos from a trip, while I was still on the road. That often means very limited internet speed and bandwidth caps. A standard back-end management console just wasn't going to cut it - too much overhead.

  2. A way to add introductory text at the top of the gallery. This could be anything from a brief statement about when and where the photos were taken to a whole travelogue.

  3. A good mobile interface, without having to serve up different pages.

How it works

So, here's how my gallery works:

The result is a gallery where you do all the prep work offline, and then use the minimum amount of data transfer to get the new gallery fully operational.

Current status

I have a preliminary version of the gallery up and running: Image Gallery

Here's a zip of the latest version, as of September 2013. Just unzip into a directory on your server.

Currently, it's in a sort of proof-of-concept stage. It works, but it needs some pretty-ing up.

Current to-do list: