Das Boat

This project was a special request from my father, who was looking for a way to keep track of the maintenance that needs to be done on his boat, something that tied in to his logbook.

This work-in-progress runs on PHP (which installs quickly thanks to XAMPP) with a MySQL database.

Here's a link to a working demo of what I have so far. I have a ways to go before I get even the basic goals accomplished ;)


Here's what we need this web app to do:

Ideally, down the road, this app should be accessible from a smartphone or tablet on the network, so making the views mobile-friendly from the start isn't a bad idea.

Current Status

The original version of this app was checked in to GitHub. That page has a breakdown of the planned development phases.

I started a rewrite using a MVC structure, which I think will make updates easier down the road. I'll update GitHub when I've got it up to some basic usable standard.